50 Shades of BA

So finally I got my blog up and running after a whole bunch of years. First time I registered this domain it was a long time back but hopefully was able to get it back again and now with the help of my friend Faheem was able to get things running.


So I thought lets start posting – so today I was a panelist at one of the sessions at the Project World / Business Analyst World titled “50 Shades of BA” – How many ways can you say BA?  Application Support Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Enterprise Architect, Functional Support Business Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Senior Analyst, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Senior Consultant, Senior QA Coordinator, Senior Systems Analyst, Tester and the list goes on.

Quite an interesting topic and the panel included Jason Questor and Mara Svenne with facilitation done by Tracy Duan. And I guess the topic generated a certain degree of interest since there were about 30 – 40 folks in the audience.

One thing that also surfaced was around why a lot of BA’s decide to pursue project management. One plausible reason could be because to move up management an individual needs to understand and manage budgets or have a stronger understanding of “financials” – something which is explicitly covered in PMBOK v5.0 under Cost Management but not covered as a specific section in the BABOK v2.0 or the v3.0.

Also as Jason eluded it also has to do with the word “Manager” and “Analyst” at the end which kind of paints a different picture in which an individual is perceived within an organization.

One thing there was consensus on was that the BABOK provides the underlying structure of how a BA should operate (the framework so to speak) and the organization needs to adapt it according to its own liking. Some of the different roles of BA’s are also identified in the “IIBA Competency Model” and can be a very good starting point for a discussion within the organization.

Some of the interesting things that I got to know:
1) BAB: Business Analyst – Business. A business analyst who is on the business side rather than the IT side [Though I used to refer to them as just “Business Analyst’s]
2) “The Real BA” – Some one who is a “Real” BA 🙂

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